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HUNArt: Patterns of Love and Power


Spiders spin mandalas of sacred art

Opening portals to the unseen world

Ancient silken strings embrace magic


I spend a lot of time being aware of patterns. Patterns of man and place, nature and spirit, sight and sound. There are no limits to the patterns that connect us, as the sky against the earth.


Waves of movement in the patterns integrate the HU and NA

HU – Active – Straight Lines

NA – Still – Curves and Circles

HUNA – “Secret” Hawaiian Esoteric Knowledge


Hidden patterns though not secret

Inner knowing outward sight

Rising, swelling, quieting, calming

Merging left and right


When I create art I am centered in the present moment. Mindful of my every movement. My Piko Piko breath launches me into radiant patterns of love and power. Appreciating the harmony of my work, I send the healing forth to create new patterns in those that are influenced by my work.

Patterns Concentrate


Circles enhance the effects

Spreads and releases tension

Energy moves out to the edge

Wholeness through intention


Rays gather as lines direct

Energy moves inward

To a point increase the flow

As spokes direct it out


Curved and straight the line becomes

Squares and triangles hold power

Spirits travel in straight lines

Unable to turn corners


Symbols hold the magic of the form

Images held and yet unspoken

Thoughts direct the energy

On wavelengths pulse intention


Moving meditations as in the art of Zentangle® and Cat’s Cradle help to open communication and bring into harmony Ku (memory), Lono (creativity) and Kane or Aumakua (inspiration).

I immerse myself into my art and emerge influenced by the healing that occurs within me.

The Art of Change

I scratch my Zentangle® with bamboo needles on the leaves of an autograph tree that grows in Hawaii. The leaves are thick and juicy and the lines turn to gold when first drawn. The process of watching a green leaf turn brown takes about a week and is a meditation in itself. If left in water they remain green longer and if left on the tree you can watch your art grow.

I embrace this expression of art that reflects Sabi or the beauty and serenity that comes with age and the process of change.

These Zentangles become my spirit friends who hold my prayerful intent.

Zentangle® and Cat’s Cradle

Lois and Earl Stokes teach the art of Zentangle® and Hei Hawaiian String Figures They can perform HUNArt as a ho’oponopono or healing ritual with you. Bring back into harmony your relationships. Find healing within yourself, with others and with the environment. Contact them:

First published Aloha/Huna International

Zentangle® inspired String Figure Two Eyes

This Hawaiian string figure is also known as koko o makali‘i or papio maka nui. It bears reference to Makalii who lives in the Pleiades. This String Figure Whispers Aloha with the message: There are no limits. Connect with the beauty of nature and become aware of all of the blessings that shower down upon us each day.

Wish upon a star and free yourself to believe in the magic of prayerful intent. Hold your prayers in your hands then release them to fly off into the universe and become manifest.

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