In Betweed

We’re neither here nor there ~ just in betweed

We made a plan to purchase a house and for the last month we have been waiting and waiting to close. Our plan has failed. We will not be moving. The home turned out to be a nightmare of unpermitted and not up to code challenges and errors.

What to do now? Make a new plan. We just don’t know what that is just yet. Therefore we have planned to wait until we are regrouped, recharged and relaxed.

So we find ourselves in Betweed.

Betweed is the latest tangle that Rick and Maria have released in their first YouTube production. They have posted it on their Zentangle site in the September 28th newsletter.

Learn how to make Betweed. You will love it! We did. Zentangle and Huna has helped us keep our contemplative state throughout this home purchasing episode. We are grateful to have useful tools to deal with stress.

Tension ~ Release ~ Relaxation. We are bringing things back into harmony with the practice of HUNArt and Zentangle® and continue to be grateful and trusting that “Everything Is Working Out Perfectly.” (Huna Philosophy)



  1. Donna Said:

    I think many of us are in ‘betweed’. “The place that we are seeking, is seeking us.”

  2. Hi Lois, love this idea. I have a Zentangle Mania group on Creating the Hive and posted your work and a link to your blog.

    • heinani Said:

      Suzanne ♥ Thank you for your support. I just joined Creating the Hive and the Zentangle Mania group. What a great community. Your participation in the art community is awesome. I just posted a link on my blog so others can join in on the fun. Mahalo

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