Art by Steven McGovney and Tammy Cararot

Thank you Samuel Beckett for the inspiration for today’s post. As in Waiting for Godot we have been occupying ourselves with eating, sleeping, tangling, conversing, singing, playing games, exercising etc — anything “to hold the terrible silence at bay”

We are still waiting to move into our new home in Volcano. Our closing date has been delayed due to a signature needed by the title company. The problem is that the person needed to sign is somewhere in Africa.

In the present moment we are gratefully trusting that “Everything is working out perfectly.”

We are finally living a minimal lifestyle! We love the simplicity of a few dishes, some clothes and well…most of our possessions in boxes. We laugh with an understanding that achieving minimalism is a process.

To keep ourselves productive we have been spray painting everything that has rusted. Living on the ocean everything gets kissed by the sea salt. We sprayed our dull wicker couch a beautiful moss green and even dyed the cushions to match. Our only challenge was a stain that would not be removed in the center of the seat.

When life gives you stains, make (Zen)tangles

You cannot leave me alone with a pen in my hand and not expect me to make my mark. I started off with a small spiral and well… Surprise!

It will be interesting to see where this pattern takes me.


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