Tangles On The Move

“Energy is movement in a wave”

A reflection of my state of active energy

We have been experiencing a wave of change lately. It began with our journey into Rick and Maria’s world of Zentangle® and continues today as we explore minimalism and our new pattern of establishing Zen Habits.

All patterns are interrelated. When you make a change in one pattern, new patterns begin to emerge.

In the Zentangle process we are creating patterns and through the process of change exploring variations in these patterns. I am happy to announce that this has had an effect on our lives. We are moving!

Earl and I are in the process of purchasing a home in Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are looking forward to participating in the artist community there. In the meantime we are sorting and attempting to make simple the many things in our life.

All of the Zentangle lessons that we learned during our Certified Zentangle Teacher Training are being put to use in our everyday life.

I look at all of the stuff that I have to sort and remind myself …one stroke at a time™

I look at the simplicity of a 31/2 inch square and know that I can finish packing one box and move on to the next one

I remind myself to Breathe ~ Relax ~ Smile

My words could go on and on but I am enjoying the Power of Less

Now that my story has been told ~ I want to share with you…

Keep it simple

What to do with your Zentangle supplies when you are planning a move… Keep them together so you can find them amid the chaos of change. I have a wonderful case ~ on wheels ~ that once was the home for some craft supplies and it is now the home of all of my tiles, pens, books etc.

I will certainly be able to pick it out among the crowd of boxes and crates that are piled high in the transition area of our home.  I don’t want to be separated far from my Zentangle art even for a second, so this way I will have access to my supplies when the need to relax comes upon me in the high energy environment of being neither there nor there but here in the present moment.

a hui hou ~ until we meet again

Our Foundation, upon this we build ~ Huna (Serge Kahili King) ~ HUNArt (Lois and Earl Stokes)



  1. Carole Ohl Said:

    Sending you waves of peace for your transition.

  2. Your story reminds me so much of each time we moved when I was a child. Mom would prepare us by telling us what a positive journey in which we were about embark. Keep tangling the Zen!

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