Did You Know That Tangles Talk?

Did you know that Tangles Talk?

I created this Zentangle tile using the Icosahedron or twenty-sided polyhedron die with numbers on each face that came with my Zentangle® Kit.

I have a book that is the home of all of my favorite tangle patterns. I’ve numbered them from 1 to 130. On my first roll of the die I get a cast from 1 to 20, on the second roll, I add the number that I get to 20, on the next roll I add the number to 40, then 60, 80, 100 etc.

Or at least that is how I planned it to work. The die and my system had a cast of its own (remember there are no mistakes) and the numbers that were added up and their corresponding tangles turned out to be: 2. FESCU, 46. SCENA, 70. SEZ, 113. y-not variation, 87. GNEISS, 38. BALES, 12. HOLLIBAUGH, 34. YINCUT, 54. SNAIL variation

I then talked to the tangles and asked them for a message. All you have to do is listen. This is what they had to say:

2. FESCU – I am the seed ~ that is blown ~  by the wind ~ and Whispers Aloha ~  to the earth ~ as it grows ~  towards the sun ~ reminding me ~  of change.

46. SCENA – I am the wind ~ that Whispers Aloha ~  against my skin ~  reminding me ~  to be ~  in the present moment.

70. SEZ – I am the water ~  that Whispers Aloha ~  as it ripples ~  in the pond ~  a stone is dropped ~  reminding me ~  of my inner power.

113. y-not variation – I am the stick ~  that Whispers Aloha ~  as it floats ~  in the river ~ brushes against rocks ~ moves with the current ~  reminding me ~  to enjoy the journey.

87. GNEISS – I am the night and the day ~  that Whispers Aloha ~  and dances with the stars ~  reminding me ~  to kiss a wish ~ and manifest my dreams.

38. BALES – I am the thread ~  that Whispers Aloha ~  as I am turned and spun ~ reminding me ~  to fully participate ~  in creation.

12. HOLLIBAUGH – I am the line ~ that Whispers Aloha ~ and connects two sides ~ a bridge ~ reminding me ~ to crossover.

34. YINCUT – I am the space ~ that Whispers Aloha ~ between ~ Yin and Yang ~ reminding me ~  of wholeness.

54. SNAIL Variation – I am the spiral ~ that Whispers Aloha ~ as I turn ~ inward ~ reminding me  ~ to look ~ out.

I know that all divination is really about the present moment. So… If I were to do this again and ask the tangles for a message it is entirely possible that they will have something different to say.

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  1. Carole Ohl Said:

    Wow, Lois. How beautiful. That really brings another level into my perception of tangles. I am inspired in a whole new way. Thank you… Mahalo!

  2. BlackPumpkin Said:

    I love your art, Heinani.

  3. Simply beautiful! I hope you don’t mind… but I think I must follow your lead. I have a little black book that would be perfect for this exercise! Sending love from Texas!

  4. Sharon (Ren) Said:

    Lois and Earl, Good luck with the move! Glad that you will still have Zentangle supplies readily available! Happy Zentangling!

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