Whispering Aloha to Change

The one thing we can count on in life is change. This leaf belongs to Jan Boyd who attended the Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminar May 2010 Class #3. After a week it began to change from green to a golden brown. Beauty is in the transformation.

I too have changed after spending a magical time with a group of passionate people who love what they are doing. Zentangle® is Life. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas walk their talk. Their energy, enthusiasm and generosity was embraced by all and we were transformed by the magic of their art.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of their classes. You will be changed in ways that will not only improve your creativity but will inspire that artist hidden inside of you. This seminar was not just an art class but a seminar that will help you live a creative and passionate life. You will see things differently and your world will never be the same.

This is Carole Ohl’s leaf.

As we embrace expressions of art that reflect Sabi or the beauty and serenity that comes with age and the process of change.

This is my leaf

Whispering Aloha to all who attended and if you can send me a picture of your leaf I will post it here for all to see.



  1. Aloha to you Lois and Earl!! it was so wonderful to meet you both.
    I left my leaves in the very capable hands of a fellow CZTer to send to me in Canada once they’re no longer green. i can’t wait to see them and the changes that they will have no doubt made.


  2. Carole Ohl Said:

    Hi Lois and Earl! I’ve sent you (via your email address) a photo of my little browned (actually light olive green at this point) leaf. I hope you get others to post. It would be lovely to see them all ‘tanned’ and changed.

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