The Autograph Tree (Clusia Rosea)

Our journey to the Zentangle Teacher Certification Seminar began a few days before our departure. We walked the red dirt roads of Kapoho, on the Hilo side of Big Island, Hawaii in search of leaves.

In the tradition that we were taught we offered up a prayer/chant to the goddess Laka, thanking her for these gifts of nature. We took a bag of leaves home to wash and dry out on our deck. We then put them in a box ready for inspection and shipping to the mainland. At Agricultural Inspection 5 inspectors went through 100 leaves checking them for insects. And they passed!

We were so happy to share a little bit of Hawaii with our class and were delighted by the warm welcome they received. Every one of our leaves came to life again with the loving tangles that were scratched upon them. The fragrance of each leaf as they were worked upon brought us back to the islands.

We then put all of our leaves on the table to display. Everyone of them was different! The tangles on these leaves were scratched on to the surface with bamboo skewers. I often use bamboo knitting needles to do this. We had to return home before they turned brown. It usually takes about a week. I would love to post pictures of the brown ones so if you were in the class please send me your photos.

For more pictures go to the Zentangle Blog



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  1. What lovely designs!

    I awoke this morning remembering that we are still here, and being thankful. Sometimes gratitude eludes me; later I awake to it again, as out of a numb dream. To be thankful and accepting of the gifts of the spirits is such a fine gift in itself.

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