Have Zen Will Travel

News Flash: Increase in Zentangle sightings at airports near and afar. You will recognize the intense focus of passengers as they sit with tile and pen in hand totally immersed and unaware of the hurried and frantic fellow travelers around them. What brings these tanglers into the Logan and Green airports? Why its the Zentangle Teacher Certification Seminar held in Whitinsville, MA. Invited by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas they anticipate a lovely May week at the Oakhurst Retreat & Conference Center where they will learn about Zentangle, have fun and explore realms of imagination and creativity. My bags are packed. But first I have to stop at agricultural inspection to see if the Autograph leaves that I intend to bring for the class will be certified for travel. It is for certain that I will have stories to tell upon my return.

a hui hou – until we meet again!



  1. Maria Vennekens Said:

    Hi Heinani,
    Looks good that tag at your suitcase. Think I will make one too. I still have to pack my things.
    See you soon.

  2. Heinani Said:

    LOL I had to resist tangling my whole suitcase. Have a safe and comfortable travel.

  3. Donna Said:

    Ha! Zentangle Travel Tags! …would not have thought to do that. Great idea! Yah… I’m gonna tangle a tag for my bag, too! See ya next week!

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