Zentangle® Walk: Lava Advances Towards The Sea

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Whispering Aloha to you from the end of the road as the lava advances towards the sea. Trees and plants are set aflame in seconds. The goddess Pele slowly creeps towards the ocean. As lava meets ocean the steam is a sign of their expression of love. My Zentangle’s message today is: Energy flows… so Be Loving.



  1. Maria Vennekens Said:

    Hello Lois Heinani Stokes,My name is Maria Vennekens. I live in the Netherlands and I will be in de CZT of May with you. It seems we both will arrive in Withinsville on monday. Do you know already when you will travel fom Boston to Whitinsville? Maybe we can share cost.

    • heinani Said:

      Aloha Maria,
      I am really getting excited that our CZT training is getting closer.
      We will be arriving at Boston’s Logan airport on US Airways at 12:09 on the 18th. We hope to be meeting up with another class member Donna Hornsby at the airport to take the shuttle. Happy to share cost. How will we recognize you? LOL We will all have to be wearing our Zentangles.

  2. I love how each zentangle reflects the movement of the background. So wonderful!

    • heinani Said:

      Mahalo Laura,
      I love studying how other people are using movement in their zentangles. I keep trying out different patterns to achieve this. There is so much to learn and explore. Soon we will be together at the training. I can’t wait!

  3. Maria Vennekens Said:

    Hello Heinani,
    I will arrive in Boston on Sat. 15th and will spend the Sun. in Boston. On Mon. I will travel to Whitinsville. In a mail Maria Th. mentioned that you maybe would travel to Whitinsville on Mon. too. That is why I contacted you. But you will travel on the 18th. So we will meet on Tuesday. I look forward to it.
    Your zentangle leaves won’t go out of my mind. What is the Latin name of the tree? Does it make seeds? Maybe I could grow it in my home if you could bring some seeds for me?
    See you soon,

    • Heinani Said:

      Aloha Maria,
      See you very soon! Have a safe and enjoyable flight.
      Autograph Tree (Clausia Rosea)
      I’ll check on the seeds for you.

  4. Maria Vennekens Said:

    See you end of the month,

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