Energy Flows Where Attention Goes*

I have been mesmerized by the art of Zentangle®. My focus of attention has been to recognize patterns. I spend hours appreciating the work of the many Zentangle® artists who have shared their art on the internet and in the books and videos that they create. I absorb their energy and then apply it to my newly learned art of expression.

My own style is emerging as a child learns from the world around him. Each step is part of a process as I repeat and alter patterns. Zentangle® is life. I Whisper Aloha to the teachers, healers and lovers of this world. Mahalo for their inspiration and sharing.

* Huna Philosophy taught by Serge Kahili King



  1. your work is amazing. I just found your blog. Check out some of the Zentangles on mine. You will have to go down a few posts. Love your work. The leaves are unbelievable.

    • heinani Said:

      Aloha Marthanns,
      I see you too have a love for nature’s beauty. Your Zentangles, mandalas and knots are wonderful. Art and especially the process of Zentangle® is so healing. Know that you are loved.

  2. Sandra aka molossus Said:

    What a fantastic idea! It wouldn’t always be feasible her ein Oregon, where we have webbed feet because of all the rain (lol!), but we do have beautiful flowers and trees!

    I’ll have to take a zentangle walk the next time the clouds roll away!

    Love your beautiful work!

    • heinani Said:

      Aloha Sandra,
      In Hawaii rain is considered a blessing of wealth and abundance.
      Enjoy your walk but please keep your drawings under your raincoat until the sun returns.
      Mahalo nui for the work that you do and for your generous sharing.

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