Spirit Friends

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I scratch my Zentangle®  with bamboo needles on the leaves of an autograph tree that grows in Hawaii. The leaves are thick and juicy and the lines turn to gold when first drawn. The process of watching a green leaf turn brown takes about a week and is a meditation in itself. If left in water they remain green longer and if left on the tree you can watch your art grow.

I embrace this expression of art that reflects Sabi or the beauty and serenity that comes with age and the process of change. Visit my Squidoo lens The Art of Change

These Zentangles become my spirit friends who hold my prayerful intent. They Whisper Aloha to you with the message that everything is working out perfectly.



  1. Tricia Said:

    Love those tangles on the autograph tree leaves! Looking forward to meeting you in May.

    My heart lives in Hawaii, although I live in Rhode Island! lol I have relatives in HI (Waimea, big island) and have visited HI many, many times. I so love HI. Hope to visit again soon.

    I looked for a link to your profile……. could not locate it. (Must be looking in the wrong place!)


    • heinani Said:

      Aloha Tricia,
      The islands call to you again with our connection. I live Hilo side of Big Island. Sending you a rainbow that connects us until we meet in May. Still working on finding my profile but you can link up with me under the Follow Me section that lists my other networks. Mahalo for your sharing.

  2. How fantastic it must be to wander past a tree and find these wonderful zentangles! I wish we had something like that here! Beautiful!

    • heinani Said:

      Nature is such an inspiration. I’ve just started a Zentangle® walk series on my blog where I will be taking my Zentangles outside for a walk on this tropical island. You will get to see them in lush jungles and barren lava fields. It should give me the needed exercise after the hours of tangling that I do each day. Please join us for a walk.

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