Ensemble Your Life

Small parts make up a whole. One smile can become many. One act of kindness can be multiplied and played forward. When the big picture looks too difficult to achieve. Start small. Take just one step and watch what happens. Change just one thing in your life and see the effectiveness of your actions all around you. Sending you blessings of change…”Just do it.”



  1. maria Said:

    I LOVE your ensemble. It’s full of passion and energy. When Rick and I designed the ensemble structure, we made the patterns that extend throughout the 3×3 tiles (9) and they went together afterward like a puzzle. But,…… the next time you try this…. take out only one tile at a time… never looking at the others until you are completely finished (this is a very challenging demand!) What you will end up with is a magical ensemble where all the pieces fit together, but ALL the patterns (different as they are) beautifully melt into one another…… because you are not matching one to the other. It is such a high to finally take them all out and put them together. Maybe a ceremony is in order or a special toast with friends or family. Truly exciting and a thing to admire. Can’t wait to meet you both in May. many thanks for your great stories and traditions. I know everyone at the seminar will love them. Best, Maria (and Rick)

    • heinani Said:

      Aloha Maria and Rick,
      Mahalo for stopping by for a visit and for your beautiful sharing. I know just the group of people to gather for a ceremony to create an ensemble. We have a healing circle that meets for pupu’s (appetizers) on Friday evenings. We will create an ensemble with healing intent, then make a toast as we breathe in the beauty of the Zentangle we have created and send it around the world.

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