Zentangle® and Cat’s Cradle

My Hawaiian name is Heinani. I am an artist of the spirit practicing the Huna philosophy, Hawaiian healing and Shamanism. I perform HUNArt as a moving meditation. I love to express my art by performing string figures and creating Zentangles. I work with knots and string in its many forms…including leis, loops and labyrinths. The internet is my aka cord of connection. It forms my virtual web of life.

This is the beginning of my thread…My storyline…My knotted cord. I will be playing a glass bead game (Herman Hesse) with you  and sharing what I have come to know of huna, healing, art and shamanism.

Journey with me as we ask what if? and explore the healing realm of Magic, Creativity and Imagination.

Your comments and observations are welcome and will add a bead to our string of pearls.


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