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I am a pulsation

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 197

I am a pulsation ~ beating ~ throbbing ~ vibrating ~ Whispers ~ of Aloha

I am a cup of tea

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 196

I am a cup of tea ~ savoring tranquility ~ with Whispers of Aloha

I am a recycle station

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 195

I am a recycle station ~ transforming fears ~ into Whispers of Aloha

I am a Leaf

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 194

I am a leaf ~ bathed in the mist ~ gentle winds blow ~ Whispers of Aloha ~ through the fern forest

Dreaming A New Dream

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 193

Whispering Aloha to a new dream

We have moved from the sea back up to the mountain in Volcano ~ the process of unpacking is coming to an end and our gaze is now on the beauty surrounding us ~ soon we will work on the land for it is calling us ~ I no longer have daily access to the Autograph Tree leaves that grew by the ocean… so in the days ahead you will be seeing some of the leaves that I posted when green and are now turned golden.

Zentangle Inspired Art~a~Day 192

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 192

May 1

I am moving ~ new directions ~ changing patterns ~ prayerful Whispers ~ of Aloha

Today is the end of a cycle ~ Just as the leaves turn and fall ~ moving into new patterns of transformation ~ I too make changes ~ in my life patterns ~ We are moving from the sea to the mountain ~ a place no longer home to the autograph leaves I have shared with you on this blog ~ I will continue to Whisper Aloha but a change in my Art~a~Day will take place ~ For a short time I will remain silent ~ while I dream a new dream ~ When I return ~ I shall reawaken this creative process and new blossoms will appear.

Zentangle Inspired Art~a~Day 191

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 191

April 30

I am a wish ~ upon a star ~ dreams come true ~ as you believe ~ in Whispers of Aloha

Zentangle Inspired Art~a~Day 190

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 190

April 29

 I am a tropical blessing ~ a Whisper of Aloha ~ a gentle rain ~ that falls upon you

Zentangle Inspired Art~a~Day 189

Whispers of Aloha ~ Day 189

April 28

I am a second ~ that’s all it takes ~ to Whisper Aloha

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